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Finishing Touches List

I settled on the house on December 27, 2007, so it’s been about three and a half years since I moved in. This fall, it’s time to get all outstanding house projects completed.  The goal is to get all remaining projects completed by the official four year anniversary of moving in with the exception of the ceilings and crown molding since it might be easier to deal with outside contractors during my winter break.

My mom and dad have some vacation days at the end of September, and they are going to come out for a few days to help me with the house. I hope every time they come out here God is adding some square footage to their heavenly mansion because I can’t even begin to really count up all the ways they’ve made this renovation possible.  In preparation for their visit, they asked me to put together a list of all the things that I still need my dad to help with. I don’t use power tools, so if the task involves cutting wood, electricity, or plumbing, my dad has to be the one to help me out. I decided to sweep through the house, making a list that also included everything that I can also do. And, here it is:


  • Paint and install missing baseboard **
  • Put latches back on storage cubbies
  • Paint trim and stairs in stairwell
  • Make curtains

My bedroom

  • Fix ceiling trim that is falling **


  • Replace cracked electrical outlet **
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint second coat on trim/doors

Black/red guest bedroom

  • Fix door latch **
  • Put cover on outlet
  • Peel stickers off light fixture


  • Finish trim **
  • Replace tile**
  • Caulk tub **
  • Install trim by tub **
  • Fix rough spot on ceiling (hire someone)
  • Make curtain
  • Get new rugs
  • Caulk by ceiling trim
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint door and trim
  • Touch up paint

Teal/gray guest bedroom

  • Fix door **
  • Take dresser to basement **
  • Frame and hang picture

Dining room

  • Install outlet cover
  • Fix curtains

Living Room

  • Patch plaster by thermostat **
  • Touch up yellow paint by trim


  • Nail in loose kickboards **
  • Install trim by dishwasher **
  • Put up last three tiles **
  • Glue on fake drawer fronts **
  • Install range hood **
  • Stain/ install shelf above range hood **
  • Check floor outlet and put tile around it **
  • Put last piece of trim above bathroom door **
  • Get 3rd layer of drywall mud on seams (hire out)
  • Install crown molding (hire out)
  • Clean/ seal grout
  • Paint ceiling
  • Fix floor tile that slid by sink and tile by door

Powder Room

  • Paint/install trim **
  • Install toilet/sink **
  • Hang mirror **
  • Hook up lighting **
  • Install trim piece to transition flooring **
  • Install door knob **
  • Chip back excess stucco
  • Install final floor tile
  • Paint ceiling
  • Hang mini-blind


  • Put capped wire in junction boxes
  • Create concrete water barrier



  • Patch sidewalk **
  • Tear down soffit by garage**
  • Get gutters cleaned and repaired (hire out)
  • Paint front railing
  • Paint mailbox
  • Fix tree edging
  • Paint front windows/storm door
  • Stain/seal sidewalks
  • Pressure wash garage floor and shelves

I’m going to be tired by the time Christmas rolls around if I make the goal of getting all these tasks done.



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  1. Do you have Goo-B-Gone for taking sticky things off places you don’t want them? Remind me to bring mine in if you need it!


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