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Going to the Dogs

Despite a lengthy nap today, I still find myself too sleepy to string together a blog post of much consequence, so it’s an opportune photo blog time. Plus, who can resist pictures of puppies? Deogi and I are being kept company this weekend by Shelby, my parents’ Lab/St.Bernard mix. Here’s what she used to look like as a puppy.


Yeah, she really was that ridiculously cute. Look at how small she was too.


When Deogi got tired of her nibbling on his ear, he could easily mock her from a perch on the couch since she was too small to make the leap up.


Then, she started to grow and run around like she preferred the name of Superpup.


And, then there was her awkward stage. Poor Shelby. It just goes to show that adolescence is not a pleasant time –even for dogs.


And, now she’s grown up into a happy-go-lucky dog. When she’s around, I like to make eye contact with her and just say simple things like “Hey!” because she’ll start wagging her tail wildly. Deogi doesn’t have a tail, and I have to work pretty hard to make him wag his tail. He’s even fairly immune to my most enthusiastic renditions of “good boy!”


When she’s not running around in her tongue-lolling state of bliss, Shelby is usually looking at you with her head cocked to the side.


She’s probably the smartest dog that our family has ever owned. She’ll pick up on phrases that she knows even when they’re embedded into normal conversation. At my parent’s house, she knows that “get in the window” means that probably either my dad or mom is coming home or that she needs to jump into the window to watch us leave. So, sometimes my parents tease her while they’re talking by slipping “in the window” into their conversation. They’ll say something like, “How was your day in the window even though it was raining?” She’ll tilt her head to the side and dash for the window. She also stays tuned in to the TV. Whenever dog food commercials come on, she’ll pick her head up to watch them, sometimes even running over to the TV. And, sometimes we let her watch The Dog Whisperer; it’s like she’s freaked out by the dogs behaving badly at the beginning of the show because she’ll pace back and forth whimpering and run to try to get Deogi (who could basically care less about dogs on TV). She’s equal in size to Deogi now.


That’s a terrible photo, but it’s hard to get a photo of the two of them together without one of them turning at the last minute to put a butt in the picture instead of a face. Sleep is the best state to capture them in. Notice how much room they take up in a bed. I don’t always get the best sleep while I’m dog sitting. Deogi gets tired too; Shelby’s at least 4 years younger, and she’s hilarious. She reminds me of Jillian sometimes. She’ll grab this squeaky ball that she has and pester him by trying to sit it on his back, squeaking it the whole time, and he justloves it when she puts the ball next to his ear and squeaks and squeaks and squeaks. Jillian didn’t have a squeaky ball, but when she was little, she used to follow me around saying my name repeatedly until I would acknowledge her. I wonder if I took on the same pained expression in those moments.  I do know when Shelby leaves, Deogi will probably look like this


Or, he’ll flip himself upside down on the couch, which is one of his favorite sleeping poses when he’s exhausted.


I’ll just reclaim my space in the bed, and I’ll have to carve time out in the day to take him to the park again. It’s nice when he has a buddy here to keep him busy.


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