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Now that the dishwasher is humming gently in the background and I can see the bottom of my kitchen sink again, it seems like the opportune time to give updates about those new recipes that I mentioned the other day, especially since I found handy links to all of them and don’t have to type out the directions. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s how I rate recipes: they make the book or they don’t. Unless I’ve tried a recipe, it doesn’t get written into my cookbook. Until that point, I have it filed or bookmarked on the computer. So, once I make something, I decide if it’s good enough to win a place of honor in my cookbook or if it gets filed in the  trash.This go-round of cooking produced a 2-2 split, which isn’t bad. Plus, I knocked four recipes out of my folders. That’s an achievement!

Minted Iced Tea
This one is not going to make the book. First, I’d feel bad making my blog readers run all over God’s creation to find the orange pekoe tea bags that you need to make it. Second, something just seemed off to me. Maybe it was the mint and orange combo throwing me off. Think about it, it’s never a good idea to drink orange juice directly after brushing your teeth. The tea wasn’t that bad, but I was getting a little of the lingering orange/mint combo and not liking it.

Spiced Cape Cod Cooler
(click name of recipe when you arrive at the page)
This one is a keeper. It’s a tea/cranberry mix, and I enjoy cranberry mixes. Also, cloves and cinnamon sticks provide a mulled flavor. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking about warming up a mug of this to drink while I read before bed tonight, and I’ll bet I’d really enjoy drinking this warmed up with breakfast on winter mornings.

Shopping tip: The recipe calls for cinnamon sticks, which are prohibitively expensive ($6) in the spice aisle of the grocery store; however, if you have a grocery store with a sizable selection of Hispanic foods, check to see if there are spices in that aisle. I found the exact same size container of cinnamon sticks made by a different company for $1.59. That’s more like the price that I want to pay. You’ll get about two batches of this recipe out of a container of cinnamon sticks.

Blueberry Ice Cream Pie
This one is not making the books. Maybe the odds are stacked against it because there are three distinct prep phases for this recipe, and if I have to have that much patience, the recipe better have me licking out the pie plate when I’m done. Though the full flavor combo didn’t appeal to me enough to make it again, I will be writing the almond-brown sugar pie crust recipe into my book, which was simple and got good reviews at the party. And, I’ll also keep the blueberry sauce recipe but use it for something else like biscuits or scones because it was a bazillion times better than blueberry pie filling from a can.

Raspberry Ganache Pie
I think I’ll actually eat one more slice of this before it gets the final thumbs-up for my book, but the odds are looking good. I was surprised because it’s a quick pie recipe, and while I used to rave over them, sometimes they just fall flat for me lately. It’s almost as if I think, “Oh, look at you, you fancy cook. You know how to buy a graham cracker crust from the store and fill it with pudding. That’s amazing.” But, this pie tasted a bit more sophisticated and took only slightly longer than it would take to throw pudding in a pie crust. Plus, despite my sarcasm, I have to be realistic and realize that sometimes that’s all I have time to do, and this pie produces a nice result when time is in short supply. Plus, I just noticed that you can make this up to 2 days in advance and thaw the day of the party. That’s a plus if I know I’ll be bustling around the kitchen dealing with multiple courses on party day or if I need to take a pie to a party because I could take it from my freezer, transport without harming it, and have it be thawed right in time for people to dig in.

Well, enjoy! If anyone tries any of these, I’d love to hear how they turn out for you.


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  1. If you do make the Almond brown sugar pie crust again here’s a hint: you can make it easier and cheaper by using regular butter and omitting the 1/2 t of kosher salt – the am’t of salt is equivalent to what would already be in the amount of butter the receipe calls for…
    Thanks for sharing the link. I will try this for my next fruit pie.


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