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X marks the… nothing

I’ve been in limbo about putting the house on the market since the middle of June, and I’ve alternated between working on final projects with frantic energy and then sitting paralyzed by the thought of all the projects that needed to be done. I hardly ever find it difficult to fall asleep, and I was up until 4 am on Sunday morning running through all the options.

I finally made the decision today, and I’m going to stay put until spring. That will let me pay down the car a little more and save up a little more for a down payment. Plus, as a teacher, there are just some projects that it’s wiser for me to do during my relatively free summers, and packing the entire house, moving, and setting up a new household is definitely one of the projects on that list.

Since an ugly unfinished walkway is not something that will win potential buyers over, some of my frantic activity included making myself go outside at nearly dark to put down the pavers for the new walkway. The timing was an effort to escape the horrendous heat, but on Saturday night, I was getting thoroughly saturated with my own sweat. Sorry, it’s gross but true. Then, I hit something metal. First, I made sure it wasn’t some crazy buried wire that would kill me. Then, I started running through all the possibilities. Dead body. Well cap for a well filled with hazmat waste. Buried treasure.

Yeah, buried treasure.

100_1018The metal that I unearthed was looking like an X. Yes, definitely buried treasure.

But, darkness was settling in to the point that I couldn’t see much, and just in case I was digging up a dead body and not buried treasure, I decided to stop for the night. Plus, I was so hot. Ugh…so, so hot.

I went out the next evening, and I kept on digging. I finally was able to pry the metal out of the ground.

100_1019It’s a…uh…um…metal X with legs?

I dug deeper under it hoping that it marked treasure because stranger things have happened. But, the only reward I got for my effort was a hole too deep for the pavers and more sweat.

Move along folks, there’s nothing here to see.

Still, I’m pretty curious. I wish someone could tell me what this metal object is. I found out from my neighbor that our backyards used to be a meadow behind a butcher shop. I’m guessing that this metal has probably been buried at least since the house was built in the 1920s because it was just deep enough to stay buried during grass planting and just far enough from the detached garage that it would have remained undisturbed during its building.

One friend suggested it could be an old surveyor’s mark. I’m wondering if it could have been used as a sort of cheater foundation at the corner of outbuildings. One of my former students suggest that I go visit the grave of John Cross in the old church graveyard downtown because she swears there is a treasure map coded into his tombstone. Any historians or archaeologists out there with any insights?


Hero dad!

Oh man, it’s so hot here today. It’s walk across the yard once and feel sweat rolling down your back hot. It’s walk outside and feel like a deflated balloon hot. It’s crank up all the air conditioners in the house hot.

So, what did I do today?

Well, remember this crazy mess?

deck support pulled out

My mom and dad both made plans weeks ago to drive out today to help me with this mess. Dad was a trooper and a hero. The previous homeowners just left wire stapled to the side of the deck, so we spent the morning fishing PVC piping conduit along the bottom fence post and then fishing the wire through that. It seems much more protected from the weather now.

And, shout out to the neighbor too since she gave me all the PVC piping for free. It was left over from a failed awning project in her yard, and she told me I could take as much as I needed. If I decide to move (and manage to find a buyer for the house), it will be sad to leave her behind. She’s a great neighbor.

So, back to hero dad. The wire had to be made longer, so there he was outside in the hot, hot weather in the last remaining tiny patch of shade to get everything disconnected and reconnected. Then, we came in for lunch and a chance to cool down.

Then, round two was after lunch in the hottest part of the day —  the 10-3 window that the news is constantly reminding us to weather indoors at this time. Not dad and I, he took his saw outside and helped me destroy the framing of the deck. We got that done in the direct sunlight. Seriously, it was so hot that at one point I wasn’t thinking, and I handed the crow bar over to my dad. He had to drop it because it was so hot. I had gloves on, so I hadn’t recognized our tools had turned into flaming rods of steel.

Then, we came back inside. Did I mention it was so hot?

Then, we went back out for one more round. I pulled a giant fan out of the basement and set it up in the garage, so it could at least keep the air moving around us as we cut the deck frame down into lengths short enough for me to either funnel out to the trash over the next couple weeks or take to dump in one big trip (or maybe a combo of both). I don’t think Gretel can quite handle all that wood in one trip.

walkway destroyedHere’s the backyard now. Obviously, there is still work to be done because a new walk has to be installed, but the wonderful part is that now the work can be done. That wire and framing were holding up the installation of the new walkway. Now, I have two guys from the college who are interested in installing the pavers for the new walk.

So, bottom line, long term planning is a good idea. If I’d been thinking harder about moving, I wouldn’t have destroyed the old wood walk. I’d have let it go because this project has been quite a bit of hassle, and I doubt it’s adding anything to the resale value of the house. I also wouldn’t have taken boards off the ramp that I’m not going to keep because then I wouldn’t be facing the task of putting those boards back on the ramp (probably Sunday or Monday when this heat wave breaks).

Super bottom line — thanks, dad! You’re an amazing person to help me with a mess of my own making on one of the craziest, hottest days of the year.

You want what for those shelves?!?

Despite the threat of impending rain, I took off this morning to go to some yard sales. There were a few bummers where the promised yard sale didn’t exist because people didn’t drag their stuff into the yard due to the weather, and I had to navigate a few cramped garages, but it was worth it. I wasn’t very far into the day before I saw a stack of wood shelves and the standards for them on a guy’s driveway. I cruised past and into the garage, but on the way out, I stopped to look at them.

There was a 4 written on tape on the side of one standard, so I was wondering if that was the price. I was trying to size up the situation when the owner came over. He informed me that what I was seeing wasn’t all I’d be getting. He had the standards, eight 4 foot shelves, and four 3 foot shelves. The 3 and 4 foot shelves can’t be used together since there is only one set of standards, but basically, the package included 12 shelves that could be made into two sizes. I was starting to think that 4 on the side of the shelves was too good to be true as a price tag. All the wood was in great shape. Plus, check out how close the holes were drilled in the standards.

shelf holes Sorry, I was taking the picture with one hand and using my thumb for reference, but I think the picture is clear enough to convey the idea that the holes are super close together the entire length of the shelves. Everything is lined up so beautifully too. I’m guessing that the guy made them and that he really knew what he was doing.

So, after he finished telling me what was included, he said, “Eh, you can have it all for $5.”


I had been standing there wondering if I should insult him by asking if the 4 on the tape was the price, and he actually said I could have everything for $5. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I whipped out money and paid him before anyone else could overhear and try to get in on the deal.

Sometimes I come home from a yard sale, and I think, “Hm…I ought to have bargained with them to take a few more bucks off that item.” Tonight I’m thinking, “I should have hugged that guy!”

I was  so excited that I carried the shelves to the basement and partially assembled them (which was a bit tricky for one lone person to accomplish). I have a bunch of lamps that I want to refinish, so I started arranging them on the shelves. Now, I can actually get to the peg board that holds my tools, which means I can actually make progress cleaning the basement. Yes, this was $5 well invested.

And, when I went downstairs to take this picture with the most horrific backdrop ever, I realized that if I take the harps off the tall lamps, I can actually drop the shelf and add one or two shelves beyond what I thought I could add.

Go, yard sales! May the basement cleaning momentum continue.

start of shelvesP.S. With the holes drilled so perfectly close, I also think this would make the perfect fabric storage/quilting supplies shelf if I ever bring it up from the basement and stain it. Hm…maybe I can get some standards made for the 3 foot shelves…

These are a few of my least favorite things

It’s going to be a busy, busy weekend. My sister arrives tomorrow to spend the 4th of July with me. We’ve also got plans to take in First Friday in Downtown Lancaster unless it rains…again…like it feels like it’s been doing for the past 40 days. Somewhere in there, she wants to go fabric shopping and wants me to make some new curtains. She’s bringing her paint clothes, so I’m hoping for a tradeoff. I make her curtains; she paints some of the last remaining  trim in the house. We’ll see how things go.

So between her coming and the fact that my real estate agent is coming on the 8th to give me an idea of what my house would list for if I would decide to sell and move on to new(er) digs, I decided it was time to really buckle down and finish some projects that have been waiting far too long, which incidentally means they are projects I wasn’t particularly enamored with doing. I didn’t take picture, but I weeded and remulched the front hill today.  And, there were plenty of indoor projects to complete.

ungrouted tileWhen the kitchen was refinished, I opted to tile the counters since that seemed to be the most economical option open at the time. I wound up just a few tiles short, then Lowes was out of the tiles for awhile, then I bought the tiles, waited forever to take the end one to Home Depot to be cut, put them on the wall, and waited forever to finish grouting them. See those annoying three gaps that need to be grouted? When I installed the counters years ago, the grouting was the part I hated the most. Darn you HGTV people for making things look so ridiculously easy. Grout can actually be tricky stuff to handle (and messy!). However, it was time.

finished groutI’m not the world’s best tile worker, but the grouting is finally complete. Yay! Now, I need to wait a bit for that grout to cure, and I should really clean all the grout in the kitchen and seal it. We’ll see how many years that might take (unless the news from the realtor is really good next Tuesday and I find a great new house).

grout clean upWhen I grabbed a plastic bag so I could go out to the backyard and clean out the grout trough, I had to chuckle. I think this picture wraps up the juxtaposition that is me quite well — messy tools and projects and fabric.

On to the next dreaded project…

thermostat beforeOne of the great parts of the furnace breaking down a few years ago was the fact that the furnace company installed a programmable thermostat with the new furnace. One of the not-so-great parts was that the old thermostat was larger and damaged the plaster on the wall when it was removed. Oh plaster, you and I are not friends. And, yes, I really was working on this project at 10:56 pm.

themostat repair toolsWhereas plaster and I are not friends, wall repair fabric and I are the best of friends. In the attic, I once had to patch a huge gap created when I ripped down a shady paneling job. That was before I knew about this magical fabric, and thus that project was Terrible (yes, with a capital T).

thermostat wall fabricNow that I’m smarter, I put up the wall fabric — 11:03. Not bad since I had to remove all the old flaking plaster.

thermostat mid pointAnd, here is the progress after coat two of drywall patch. It still needs one or two more coats and then some paint, but I’m getting there. And, no, I wasn’t working on this at 11:49 pm. That’s when I snagged the photo — right after I vacuumed and blew up the $5 air mattress that I snagged at a yard sale last year to make sure it was usable for the weekend.

bathroom stucco mishapI also tackled the stucco job that I’ve been dreading for awhile now. When I stuccoed over a brick wall in the bathroom, I didn’t quite bring the stucco down the wall far enough. It was a sad, sad day when my dad installed the trim, and I saw the big gap between stucco and trim. Since stucco is such a nightmare scenario for me, I filled in the gap with a few layers of drywall patch to reduce my contact time with the stucco. That was dried and ready to go, so tonight, I got all up close and personal with the toilet and finished the final layer of stucco. There is no after picture because it wouldn’t be all that impressive, but I’m happy it’s done. I’ll let it cure up over the weekend, and then the plan it to hit it and the thermostat patch with some paint before the realtor gets here.

paint on my legOh, and alongside the bleh projects that I’ve been putting off, I’ve also been doing some fun furniture painting projects. I’m not ready for a full reveal of them yet, but you can see a hint of the color as it is smeared all over my leg. No worries, in the furniture post, I’ll only reveal the furniture, not more of that sexy leg.

unpainted hardware for my nightstandI also spray painted this hardware and got it installed on the nightstand for my bedroom. Considering I primed that nightstand during the summer Olympics, I’m excited that my sister can help me finally put it in my room this weekend.

peach freeze with DeogiAnd, finally, my mom told me how to make mock ice cream out of blended fruit and almond milk, so I had a nice frozen mug of that the other night to reward my hard work too. Deogi wanted some, but he didn’t get any. I don’t think he did any work unless you count the time that I think he licked the wet drywall patch on the bathroom wall when I had my back turned.




Rosemary to chase the mosquitos

rosemary on the fenceThe project of the day was to buy rosemary, transplant it to spray painted pots, and anchor those pots with twine to my fence. One of my mom’s co-workers swears that rosemary keeps mosquitoes away from the yard. The mosquitoes in my yard are vicious, vicious creatures that are doubly unpleasant since I’m once of those people who can be getting mosquito bites while those standing around me remain relatively unmolested. And, my body’s reaction to the attacks is nearly instant, overly dramatic swelling of the entire region of the bite accompanied by intense itching. To try to avoid this, I also planted a special variety of lemon scented geranium that is supposed to also repel mosquitoes. Right now, it just looks like a weed in a pot. I hope it gets some flowers. I did take one of the leaves off the plant and rubbed it all over my arms as suggested; I still got two mosquito bites, but a few more flew around me and didn’t bite. I’m still dubious though that this whole herbal plan will work since while I was standing right in front of one of the rosemary plants and talking to my neighbor I was still seeing mosquitoes. Maybe the plants need to get bigger and more aromatic. I hope I can keep them alive long enough for the experiment. I’m good at killing plants.

In other news, I’m meeting with a real estate agent tomorrow to investigate the possibility of moving. I’ve been thinking about refinancing, so I want to make sure preparing to aggressively pay off the mortgage on this house is the best option. It feels like part of that decision should be seeing what else is out there. I’d have to pay loan fees to refinance or buy another place — hence the investigations. I’m so torn. The house I’m in now definitely feels like home after I’ve put so much work into it. I’m only a few projects away from being done with the cosmetic make-up issues that came with the house. But, at the same time, the house was built in the 1920s, which does make it a little more unique in its maintenance needs than something that is newer construction. It’s funny because the things that drive me crazy like the older windows and trim that took forever and a day to paint are some of the character building features that I’ll also miss the most if I move into new construction. It will take quite a bit in another house to lure me away from this one, but I’m meeting with the realtor tomorrow to see what he can turn up. I thought I had found a place with all the necessary perks to lure me away – fenced in yard, open floor plan between kitchen and dining room, central AC —  but when I called my realtor, he informed me that it had already sold. Thanks for giving me false hope, Trulia. Yesterday, I spent several hours looking through pages and pages of about 1,500 listings, and I came up with a short list of 10 potential properties. I’m going to pull them up quickly again tonight, and I have a feeling the list will get even shorter once I take a second look at a few of them.

And, I’m also looking at possible PhD programs. If anyone knows of a good sociology PhD that offers a blended online option, I sure would love to know about it. I’ve got the College Board book of majors, and I’m methodically (and alphabetically) working my way through every PhD program listed in the book. I’m up to Ohio, and I still have not uncovered a program with online options that reduce the need for sustained residency on campus. It’s discouraging. I’m also going to be looking at Learning Sciences PhD programs, so if anyone happens to know of a good one, let me know.

So many decisions. They make my head hurt. Ok, I have to go pull up the real estate listings so I’m ready for my 2:00 appointment tomorrow.

Bathroom Reveal

Ok, here is the moment. If we were on my hypothetical HGTV show, I’d make you close your eyes, trip up and down a few staircases, let you pause in awkward silence (while I winked at the hott carpenter), and then I’d yell, “Open your eyes!”

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, go read part one of the bathroom makeover.

If you know what I’m talking about, back to the program, “Open your eyes!”

bathroom afterHere’s the bathroom after I was done. Notice the matching cabinetry. Mom did a great job picking a blue for the walls; I find it hard to select appropriate blues. It’s hard to get one that’s not anemic while avoiding one that borders on neon. If you’re interested, for this project we used paint from Lowes. Almond Paste is the wall color in most of the room. Skyward is the name of the lovely blue, and the cabinets are (I think) – Mocha Twist.

I like what the shower curtain does for the room by making it feel more soft and diffusing the blue of the accent wall throughout the room. Plus, since there’s not much wall space in this bathroom, there’s not much chance for wall art. A pretty shower curtain has to carry the weight of visual impact. I didn’t get pictures of it, but I also made a simple blue curtain (not included in the 48 hours).

Now that you’ve had a moment to take it in, let me show you some of the smaller projects in the room. Dad and I had quite the task before us to get the entire bathroom done in a day. Well, ok, I will admit that I didn’t get started until about 9:30. I hope HGTV doesn’t make their stars get up first thing in the morning to be on set. If they do, then I hope the hott carpenter wants to enjoy morning iced coffees with me.

Mom’s dog had a grooming appointment I had to chauffeur her to  in the middle of the day, so I was working around that time frame. Before dad and I left the house, he took down the old light, removed the ghastly tiles above the mirror, and spackled over the general mess produced. I took the cabinet doors out to the front porch and primed them, primed the cabinet boxes and got the first coat of mocha paint on the boxes.

Painting the cabinets — or more specifically the side of the base cabinet closest to the toilet — was probably the worst part of the job. As I was crunched between the cabinet and the toilet, I kept repeating to myself, “I love my mom. I love my mom. I love my mom.” And that helped me get through — well, that and knowing that I had used some Lysol wipes that were under the sink to wipe down the toilet. On my HGTV show when stranger’s toilets are involved, the hott carpenter will need to remove the toilet from the room. Maybe we can put it on the client’s front lawns with a flower pot in the bowl and a hidden cam just to gather the neighbor’s reactions while we work. Yeah, I like that – a show that makes toilets funny.

Also, I will remove the toilet plunger from the workspace. I was too lazy to get a paper plate from the kitchen so I could put the plunger outside the bathroom without it being on the carpet (ew, gross). So, I kept moving it around the bathroom as I worked. At one point, as I was crunched beside the toilet to paint, I felt something poking me in the sternum. I was like, “What in the world…” BLEH! I realized in my rush, I hadn’t move the plunger, so I was being assaulted by it. Yes, the plunger and the toilet definitely need to be removed on the show.

That was about all that I was able to get done before leaving the house with the dog. Dad and I bounced back and forth between Lowes and Home Depot to get a new light, the supplies for the vanity and the mirror project — yep, there was a mirror project. Hold your horses, I’m getting to it. The hott carpenter will need to be able to handle that under pressure I get confused. I made us go to Home Depot since I momentarily forgot that I had bought the paint at Lowes (we needed access to the paint chips). At least I got to check the lighting section in both stores; I’m typically pretty obsessive about checking both stores when it comes to buying tile, lighting, etc. We had a late lunch while we were out. And to make a medium length story no longer, it was after 5 before we got home! Mom is supposed to get off work at 8:00.

Once home, and I started to feverishly paint the first coat on the accent wall while dad sorted out what was going on with the light. When I was done with the first coat of Skyward, we went out to the garage to cut the frame for the mirror. Ready for the mirror reveal?

bathroom mirror afterThe idea to frame out the mirror was Pinterest inspired – albeit a more simple form of the pin. If you’re interested in doing this, I recommend using wainscoating trim for the sides of the mirrors. There is a channel already routed out of the wood, so dad and I didn’t even have to remove the original mirror clips holding the mirror in place. We put the trim up (after I feverishly applied two coats of paint to it) and tacked it right into his place with the air nailer (or whatever that thingy is that attaches to his air compressor and holds me in spellbound terror as it shoots out nails).

We put the frame up after I had gotten time to paint the second accent wall coat of paint. And, somewhere in there, I was also trying to get paint on the cabinet doors out on the front porch because they couldn’t be in plain view when mom came home. The day was overcast, so we were losing workable light quickly. Dad and I got the light installed before the project ground to a halt.

Then, the race began. I started sputtering to him, “Towel ring…help with shower curtain rod!!!, switch plates back up, put tools away.” It was crazy. In the meantime, I texted mom a brief grocery list of items to bring home so we could stall for more time.

The bathroom finally came together except for the vanity project. Dad said to do the reveal without it, but I desperately wanted to paint it. We wound up choosing to go with Rustoleum’s Countertop Coating, which is designed to cover laminate countertops. Originally, we went into Lowes seeking out garage floor epoxy since I read online that someone used that to cover her countertops. But during a debate about how to tint the epoxy at the Lowes paint counter, the associate asked what I was doing with it (in retrospect, she probably did think I was nuts for being so particular about what color to paint the garage floor). When I told her that I was painting a vanity top, she recoiled in horror as if I’d just revealed a homicidal plot. She led us to Rustoleum’s product. I’m still holding my breath to see if it actually holds up; there was one spot on the metal tracking that I just could not get it to cover for some odd reason. I definitely don’t recommend it if you’re an inexperienced painter. I’ve been painting home interiors since I was in junior high (no lie), and I was having trouble getting a smooth evenly rolled coat because the paint, even though it says satin finish, has a glossy sheen. Also, if you’re pregnant or bothered by strong smells, I’d definitely advise strongly against using this product since the odors from it are pretty noxious even with an open window nearby. If you want to spend less than $25 to take a shot at updating a countertop and have the necessary painting experience, then for right now, I’d say go for it. Below is the before and after to help you decide.

bathroom sink comparison

So, did I actually get everything done within 48 hours. Well, no. I did have to go back in to put a second coat on the vanity top and to paint the trim work in the bathroom, but I got very close to completing everything in that time frame. HGTV, you can send me hott carpenter audition photos whenever you are ready.

bathroom mirror comparisonbathroom before and after

Bathroom before shots

For Mother’s Day, I told my mom that I was going to repaint her bathroom. I then presented her with a giant pile of paint chips that I had taken the liberty to gather, and I told her to choose her colors. I planned a trip home when she would be working for two days, and I was determined that she would see a transformed bathroom when she returned. Yes, that’s 48 hours — including time for sleep and breaks for donuts, ice cream, and other assorted really bad for me foods. Apparently painting — or more accurately the desire to take a break from painting — makes me hungry.

I knew my dad was off one of the two project days, so I also planned a few extra projects that mom didn’t know I’d be completing. Mostly, I wanted to do this to encourage my mom, but I also did it because she often comes up with terrible (or no) wish lists for Mother’s Day. Also, I noticed these weird stains on the bathroom ceiling.

ceiling stainsTo be clear, and so nobody thinks I was raised by animals, I believe those stains were there when my parents moved in. Unfortunately, smokers lived in the house before them. You add smokers and flat white paint (which should be outlawed anyway) together, and it is not a good combo. Well, it’s not a good combo except it can be enough motivation for me to redo a whole room.

So, ready for a before picture?

Spoiler alert: This post won’t end with after pictures. That would be way too many pictures to show in one post, so you’ll have to stop back for part 2.

bathroom beforeYes, here it is. The room that I made over. It seemed like so much trimming would be necessary, and I was kinda dreading the project, but to be honest, it actually wound up being kinda fun. I imagined it was my audition for an HGTV show. I totally think I should get an HGTV show with a hott (and single) carpenter. I guess I would negotiate about the carpenter, I guess, but a show could be amusing. I’m still working on what my niche could be. I do know that I was busting a move to get the room done. At times I even ran, yes, ran, through the house to gather supplies.

Here’s a few more before shots.

old lightI don’t think I need to really explain what is wrong with this picture although I should mention the entire bathroom was flat-should-be-illegal white when I started. The almond paste paint you see was me getting started.

cabinet doors togetherHere’s the mismatched cabinets. These haven’t been this way for that long. My parents took one of the extra kitchen cabinets left over from my kitchen remodel and put it in their bathroom for extra storage —  hence the mismatch.

old sink topHere’s the vanity top. It wasn’t too bad since it was a rather neutral color, but it still needed an updating. I was a little scared to branch out and do that without asking for homeowner clearance, so I was pretty happy to secure my dad’s permission. He said if I messed it up, they’d just have to pull out the vanity and put in a new one. Aw…thanks, dad. And, p.s., we don’t know how my solution is going to hold up, so keep your tools handy.

Ok, so there are the before shots. The first hurdle that I had to clear was finding ladders appropriate for the job. I knew my parents didn’t have a 4 foot ladder on hand since I stole theirs. I didn’t mean to steal it, but by the time I offered to return it after having it for 5 or 6 years, my dad told me he had just gone out and bought a new 6 foot ladder. I looked around for that ladder and couldn’t find it right away. So, I wound up disentangling an 8 foot ladder out of the chaos of the garage and maneuvering it through a stairwell with an L-shaped angle to it. This is not a good idea. Seriously, don’t ever try to do something like that on your own.

Imagine my disappointment to finally get it into the bathroom only to discover that this was the situation.

bathroom ridiculous ladderTo get it in the room and open it up, I practically had to shove it through the ceiling, which meant I couldn’t swivel it around and meant I would have had to climb the wrong side of the ladder (which I don’t think is acceptable HGTV practice). I also couldn’t find a comfortable way to paint the ceiling. It was just awkward. I was either too low and being impeded by the ladder or standing so high that my neck was crunched sideways and I was banging my head against the ceiling. Oh, and note how I either had to step over the toilet or wrangle with the door to get from one side of the room to the other.

I was getting a later start than expected because it had taken me 400% longer than expected to clean up my own atrocious mess of a house before I left it, so I only spent a short amount of time trying to make do with this situation before I was about to go into nuclear meltdown. Hm…if I’m willing to look like a basketcase on TV, maybe my HGTV show could involve me getting in way over my head on projects, getting to the verge of nuclear meltdowns, and then having the hott carpenter come in to rescue me and teach me new skills so I am redeemed. Yeah, I think that is a workable plot line.

Anyway, since I have no TV show and no hott carpenter, I decided to text my dad to ask where the 6 foot ladder was.

bathroom good ladderAhhhh, much better.

Then, there was the little problem of how to paint above the shower. No ladder could go on the floor in there for fear of cracking the shower stall. I do want to be a little overly dramatic here and say that I could have seriously injured myself with my solution, which was to balance in a split in the shower with one foot on the shampoo shelf/built-in seat and one foot holding just a little weight as it was balanced on the short bar where washcloths hang.

shower footholdsHmm….wonder how the hott carpenter could have helped out here. I’m telling you, HGTV, this could be a real hit show.

So, that’s how the whole bathroom project started. You’ll have to tune in to the next post for the after pictures.

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